This is what happens when you volunteer in a small town

From Dawson News  (click for full)

Sometimes I stop at the McDonald’s in Dawson, GA to get a cup of coffee. It’s the only place to get coffee that I know of. Oh yes, there is also the Huddle House restaurant. Yesterday when I arrived, I greeted the table of old soldiers that are always there. One of them asked me “Are you the Mooslim that is speaking at the government building Thursday?” I was a little bewildered because I did not know I was speaking anywhere, other than to my wife when I arrive home. Then I remembered. I was invited to “attend” a meeting with the local NAACP director and community folks. I told the brother “Yes, I guess that’s me”. Then I confirmed it by getting the latest issue¬† of the Dawson News. The moral of this story? Volunteer in the community because our people need us there. However, be prepared for what you may get in return!

Bro. Carlton



Mechanical Engineering 101 (or how to rebuild a bike)

youth and bikes
Two of the youth that are rebuilding their bikes in Dawson GA

Greetings and As-Salaam Alaikum! Today was the first day of practicing what I preach since 2012! Man, I can’t believe it’s been six years and I am six years older! This time I am starting out with teaching youth how to rebuild bikes. Today we started disassembling them. We got as far as the sprockets and forks before a pop-up rain storm clobbered us. We will resume next Saturday, God willing.

The schedule is every Saturday afternoon from about 1pm to 3pm. The goal is to totally disassemble the bikes, sand them, custom paint them, and rebuild them. Some of the parts will be cleaned and re-used and some will be replaced. Therefore I will need donations for funds to purchase replacement parts.

This is a community project that I initiated. We are in the small rural town of Dawson, GA. I am working with the local NAACP (which mainly consists of one person). I called the director and asked if I can volunteer. We met and I shared my idea with him. Of course, he loved it and now it is a reality, by the grace of Allah (God)!

Bro. Carlton

Bro. Dennis Humphreys saw me parked at the community center. He approached me, we talked, then he returned with a bike that he donated!