This is what happens when you volunteer in a small town

From Dawson News  (click for full)

Sometimes I stop at the McDonald’s in Dawson, GA to get a cup of coffee. It’s the only place to get coffee that I know of. Oh yes, there is also the Huddle House restaurant. Yesterday when I arrived, I greeted the table of old soldiers that are always there. One of them asked me “Are you the Mooslim that is speaking at the government building Thursday?” I was a little bewildered because I did not know I was speaking anywhere, other than to my wife when I arrive home. Then I remembered. I was invited to “attend” a meeting with the local NAACP director and community folks. I told the brother “Yes, I guess that’s me”. Then I confirmed it by getting the latest issue¬† of the Dawson News. The moral of this story? Volunteer in the community because our people need us there. However, be prepared for what you may get in return!

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