Bike Tech At 7 Weeks

Marquavious, Michael, and Carmelo working on their bikes

Greetings and As-Salaam Alaikum! We are now at seven weeks of Bike Tech! I have been working with two, sometimes three young brothers that are serious about rebuilding their own bikes! The bikes are now stripped of all parts and sanded smooth. This weekend we are priming and, depending on the weather and how fast the primer dries, we may paint!

After we paint we will begin re-assembly. Ofcourse, it’s always easier to tears something down than to build it up.

First Hi-Tech Training Class!

Arduino microcontroller developement board

As-Salaam Alaikum! This past Saturday I was blessed to host my first tech training class since 2012. I am working with two home-schooled brothers, 12 and 16, who already have some programming and electronic knowledge. I am mentoring them in micro-controller programming, electronics, and basic computer theory and operation. The class is for about 2 hours on Saturday mornings.

Right now, the hi-tech and the hand-tech training are currently separate, due to logistics and personnel (its’ only me). However the plan is to do everything in one location and combine the group and training.