At Blackerspace we are striving to encourage and assist Black adults, to share what they know with Black youth. That’s it, plain and simple. Are you a skilled tradesman or tradeswoman? Mechanic? Technician , engineer or a programmer? Chef or baker? Seamstress? Maybe you have a science or technical based hobby or craft. Instead of complaining about how youth today do not want to do anything, why not offer them some of you time, knowledge and experience? You may discover that they really do want to utilize their minds and hands to learn what you have to share.

It’s simple to get started. Invite parents and children from your church, neighborhood, job, or community organization who may be interested in what you have to offer. Find a place to meet (your garage, dining room, church cafeteria, office, etc), devise a simple curriculum, and get started. You will be surprised how much the community will appreciate and support you.

At Blackerspace, we want to hear about your plans, successes, challenges, and failures. We want to dialog about taking charge of the future of our youth. After all, we, the elder generations, are the ones responsible for the current condition of our youth.